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Sobre nosotros

One Hundred Angels se compromete a mejorar la vida de los demás brindando comodidad y dignidad a las poblaciones necesitadas.  Nos esforzamos por recordar  que donde hay una necesidad, hay una oportunidad para marcar la diferencia y hacer del mundo un lugar mejor. En OHA podemos medir fácilmente el impacto de nuestra organización  por la cantidad de personas a las que servimos, pero entendemos que quienes dan reciben tanto, si no más, que quienes reciben la ayuda. . Acompáñanos en un espacio de servicio, donde podrás ver el verdadero impacto de tu trabajo. Conviértete en un Ángel hoy y juntos cambiemos el mundo.

One Hundred Angels ha servido a esta comunidad durante 3 años.

Nuestra misión es ahora más clara que nunca:

Estamos transformando comunidades a través del servicio y la educación brindando consuelo a las poblaciones necesitadas a través del cuidado físico, emocional y espiritual. Haga clic en las siguientes diapositivas para ver lo que hemos logrado.

Proporcionar chequeos médicos, dentales y oftalmológicos gratuitos a más de 17,000 personas vulnerables.

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We earned a 2022 Gold Seal with Candid! 
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Nuestros valores fundamentales

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Tratar a todos los socios con honor, igualdad y dignidad. Comportarse con estima y honestidad manteniendo motivos éticos y responsables en todas nuestras actividades humanitarias.


Esforzarnos constantemente para brindar asistencia con amabilidad y flexibilidad de una manera completa, oportuna y proactiva de la que podamos estar orgullosos.


No discriminamos por nacionalidad, raza, etnia, creencias religiosas, clase, sexualidad, género u opiniones políticas. Nos esforzamos por aliviar el sufrimiento de las personas, guiándonos únicamente por sus necesidades.


Nuestra inversión de generosidad es inestimable. Queremos que nuestro equipo sea generoso al ayudarse mutuamente a crecer, al mismo tiempo que se esfuerza por ayudar a las comunidades, organizaciones y asociaciones a sentirse ampliamente apoyadas por nuestros esfuerzos.


Estamos comprometidos a comportarnos con compasión y comprensión, lo que nos permite hacer conexiones y construir puentes entre las comunidades necesitadas y con aquellos que están dispuestos a ofrecer apoyo.


Con vulnerabilidad e intención, estamos decididos a brindar seguridad y ayuda a las personas y comunidades que son las menos apoyadas entre nosotros.

Our Missions

You can download each one of our prospectus' to see the incredible work we are doing.  


Medical Mission

Founded in 2018, One Hundred Angels’ Medical Mission has been committed to bringing comfort and dignity to rural populations in need by providing access to  basic medical care, over-the-counter medication, and hygienic supplies. OHA has provided basic medical assistance to 19,000 people in 6 countries, and created a space for service to over 250 volunteers. Our organization is unique because we enter into the homes in these rural communities with medical professionals to care for the immediate problems, as well as arriving with solutions and support for long-term health. We also provide assistance during crises and deliver aid when it may not be largely available to these communities. Since 2018 we have provided basic medical care to over 17,000 asylum seeking migrants during the border crisis in Arizona.  OHA has given out 150,000 units of over-the-counter medication and provided over 12,000 hygiene kits to this population. We have supplied 150 water collection tanks to rural communities to provide this necessary and often unattainable resource. We have impacted over 36,000 people over the last four years.


Phoenix Mission

One Hundred Angels’ Phoenix Mission has been committed to bringing comfort and dignity to the asylum-seeking population in need by providing access to  basic medical care, over-the-counter medication, and backpacks with hygienic supplies. OHA is unique because we are the only NGO providing backpacks and hygiene kits to the asylum-seeking community after they are released from detention without their personal belongings. In the past four years, OHA has provided basic medical assistance to over 17,000 asylum seeking migrants during the border crisis in Arizona.  We have given out 150,000 units of over-the-counter medication and provided over 12,000 hygiene kits and backpacks to this population. OHA works with 8 different shelters, providing over-the-counter medical supplies, medication stations, giving comfort, and restoring dignity to 500 vulnerable people a week. We have impacted over 29,000 people over the last four years. Every year, Arizona receives thousands of people seeking asylum and protection from danger in their home countries. During their travel, they are exposed to extreme environmental conditions, poor nutrition, exhaustion, and other factors weakening their immune system. Once they arrive in the U.S. they are placed in crowded detention centers for days, increasing the risk for infections, and One Hundred Angels is providing support to these families. These families are often traveling for weeks when they present themselves at the port-of-entry and request asylum, in order to start the legal process of entering the United States.  After being vetted by DHS, they are often stripped of their personal belongings by the time they are released by ICE to local shelters.  We are the first friendly faces they encounter once they enter this great nation. We work with 8 different shelters, providing supplies, giving comfort, and restoring dignity to 500 vulnerable people a week.

Water Tank Mission

We purchase rain collection water tanks for rural communities in El Salvador where the lack of public services is the norm. We have identified several communities in desperate need of this essential resource. They have reached out and made the request. With your help we can answer the call. These families are having to acquire water from a river daily, which is over a half hour walk from their homes. Once the water is collected in jugs, buckets, and cans they then have to haul this water back to their home. During the summer months with rising temperatures, they are leaving their homes as early as 3:00 in the morning to collect this necessary resource for their families. When the water is not available in the river they must purchase water for their families, which is ultimately an economic burden. As an organization we enter the homes of the most vulnerable communities; we experience their needs and efforts. We listen to their requests and we create real and effective solutions to improve their quality of life. One Hundred Angels has donated 150 tanks in the last three years, impacting 600 people in this region.

Children's Mission

One Hundred Angels provides support to children in Central, South and North America on several levels. We support a community center in Uruguay with food and supplies, and have impacted over 100 children through their organization. We started this mission in 2019 and have hosted six Christmas missions, three in El Salvador, two in Uruguay, and one in Mexico. In addition, we have hosted one Halloween mission, a Graduation Celebration, along with other celebrations in the countries, impacting approximately 1,000 children since we started these missions. We believe in celebrating children and bringing joy to to these rural communities. OHA considers it important to do our part and bring smiles to these young faces.

Education Mission

One Hundred Angels is providing funds for tuition, books, supplies, speech therapy, transportation, and lunches for children in Mexico and El Salvador. When these families reached out for help, we realized that we needed to do everything in our power to support these young people in their educational journey. Great strides have been made in the past two decades in access to education throughout Latin America, but the majority of children in the region are still not receiving a high-quality and relevant education. As a result, too many Latin American youth entering the labor force lack the skills necessary to find dignified work and participate in an increasingly competitive, information-rich and globalized economy. The goal of One Hundred Angels is to increase our reach and provide aid from an education fund to additional countries so that we can ensure that these children have the chance to create a bright and prosperous future.

Animal Welfare Mission

All over the world animals are neglected, mistreated, abused, and killed inhumanely. One Hundred Angels aims to improve the situation for animals in the long-term by supporting an organization called Huellas ONG that provides veterinary care, food, animal sanctuary shelters, adoption, and support to pet families who need assistance. We have made it a priority to aid animals and their welfare, along with supporting pet families, so we continue to promote and support services that can help achieve a culture of peace with our animals. Anyone visiting Uruguay will quickly notice the multitude of dogs. Both strays and owned dogs roam freely and they run in little packs. Like mini street gangs they love to stir it up with anything entering their turf - birds, other dogs, farm animals, motorbikes, and even cars. Often, these animals meet a devastating demise due to their free roaming. For this reason, we recognize this as a humanitarian mission due to the health concerns of both people and pets. One Hundred Angels is partnering with a local organization to sponsor emergency treatments for stray and low income pet families. We support them by purchasing medication and food, along with building sustainable shelters for these stray dogs.

Upcoming Art Installation

One Hundred Angels is so excited about this 2023 project to support Raquel López de los Reyes and her son Abraham González. Since Abraham was born in 1986 with Down Syndrome, Raquel decided to take action in favor of people with this condition. Raquel is a devoted activist who works with tremendous dedication and currently has four therapeutic centers where she aids and assists the population with Down Syndrome. Many of these children live in extreme poverty without any medical resources and are in desperate need of assistance.

Working with this vulnerable population, these families, and professionals requires a suitable place and above all, one that they can call their own. Currently they are renting places that they are presently adapting to the necessities and requirements, according to the needs of the children. However, there are many disadvantages, among two of them is cost-prohibitive sites and lack of economic resources. 

Raquel's son Abraham is 35 years old and creates extraordinary large art pieces that are breathtaking.  OHA is partnering with Raquel and Abraham to host events and auctions to help sell his art in order to fund their new permanent therapeutic center in Mexico.


Board Member Expectations

Board Member Qualifications

Governing Document

OHA Organizational Chart

Partner Reference Letters

We look forward to growing with you and finding new ways to amplify the message and impact of One Hundred Angels Foundation around the world.


Let us all be Angels.

In solidarity,


Cecilia Garcia

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