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All over the world animals are neglected, mistreated, abused, and killed inhumanely. One Hundred Angels aims to improve the situation for animals in the long-term by supporting an organization called Huellas ONG that provides veterinary care, food, animal sanctuary shelters, adoption, and support to pet families who need assistance. We have made it a priority to aid animals and their welfare, along with supporting pet families, so we continue to promote and support services that can help achieve a culture of peace with our animals.

Anyone visiting Uruguay will quickly notice the multitude of dogs. Both strays and owned dogs roam freely and they run in little packs. Like mini street gangs they love to stir it up with anything entering their turf - birds, other dogs, farm animals, motorbikes, and even cars. Often, these animals meet a devastating demise due to their free roaming. For this reason, we recognize this as a humanitarian mission due to the health concerns of both people and pets.

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One Hundred Angels is partnering with a local organization called Huellas ONG in Uruguay to sponsor emergency treatments for stray and low income pet families. We support them by purchasing medication and food, along with building sustainable shelters for these stray dogs.

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