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Basic medical care is not just a basic human necessity but a lifeline. Over the last six years, One Hundred Angels has provided basic medical assistance to over one hundred thousand people in 6 countries, and created a space for service to over 250 volunteers.

During our international Medical Missions, doctors and volunteers from all over the American continent visit up to 6 communities during a seven day period impacting approximately 1200 people. We identify cases that need treatment and follow up. We visit home by home, door to door, we walk their paths, and we carry their loads. Everyone receives a basic medical checkup, vitamins, and over-the-counter medication.


One Hundred Angels responds to medical emergencies and has active Medical Missions in the U.S., Mexico,  El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, and Uruguay.

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We coordinated Covid-19 Vaccination Clinics in San Luis, Mexico


For these communities that have often been impacted by poverty or natural disasters, stable health is necessary in order to create a better future. With good health, these people can work, provide for their families, advance their education, and make a difference in their countries. Without their health, everything is at risk and these opportunities are lost. One Hundred Angels is committed to being a part of the solution to bring health, dignity, and stability to these communities.

Interested in joining us on our International Medical Missions?  We'd love to have you!

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Donate To Our Medical Mission Today!

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