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Meet Our Board of Directors

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Brad Sheets

Board President

My name is Brad Sheets, I'm a native Phoenician with travel to the Far East, Central America, Mexico, Canada, and most of the United States. My servient experience has been with faith and non-faith, youth and adult groups. I assisted with Vietnamese refugee rescues in the 80's as a Marine, as well as youth sports and youth groups over the last 30 years. I have formally trained, and have experience leading, many youth programs. My recent focus has been with hurricane relief efforts in Texas and Florida on Emergency Response Teams, as well as participating in Covid relief by providing food, water, hay, and cleaning items on the Hopi and Navajo Reservations with One Hundred Angels. I enjoy learning languages and cultures in the places that I visit.


Chandra Goff

Board Vice President

My name is Chandra Goff and I am a PA-C practicing urgent care medicine in Phoenix. I grew up here and graduated from Arizona State University in 2009 where I studied Biology & Society and Mandarin Chinese. In 2014, I earned a Master of Medical Science degree from the Yale School of Medicine in Connecticut. I then practiced in California before moving home in 2018, the year I began volunteering with One Hundred Angels. I have a lifelong history of volunteer service starting with serving food at shelters with my Grandma Fran when I was 5 years old. I am a fan of kindness, community, science, hiking, and chilling with my family and friends.

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Jade Duran

Board Secretary

My name is Jade Duran and I was raised in Colorado and now reside in Phoenix, AZ with my wife. I am currently the Secretary for the Maricopa Democratic Party and am very committed to being an active part of the community I call home. In 2019 I founded a nonprofit called The Last Mile to provide mobile phones and 24-hour support to the asylum seekers as they were on the last mile of their journey. I am a DE&I Trainer professionally and along with being the Board Secretary, I am also the DE&I Officer for One Hundred Angels. 

Bonnie Simmons

My name is Bonnie Simmons and I live in Phoenix, AZ. I have been involved in providing support to the asylum-seeking population for several years. I managed a shelter that brought in hundreds of families each month and have been very impacted by this work and community. Along with serving on the board of OHA, I am the finance director at a marketing firm where I started the company's first give back program, combining marketing and tech with charity and community involvement. I am also a full time student and mom to 5 amazing kids. 

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Ruth Escobar

Hi, my name is Ruth Escobar and I was born in Amarillo Texas and raised in the Phoenix area since the age of six. I received my chaplain credential in 2018 and am a motivational speaker empowering Hispanic women. Both my husband and I have been Ordained Ministers for the Southern Region of the Church of God since1986. I currently work as the Service Coordinator at Lutheran Social Services helping the asylum seeking community. Additionally, I studied Art and am an Abstract Artist, I write music, and sing in weddings and special engagements. I love to spend time with my husband and three amazing adult sons.

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