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Every year, Arizona receives thousands of people seeking asylum and protection from danger in their home countries. During their travel, they are exposed to extreme environmental conditions, poor nutrition, exhaustion, and other factors weakening their immune system.

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Once they arrive in the U.S. they are placed in crowded detention centers for days, increasing the risk for infections, and One Hundred Angels is providing support to these families. Our support and efforts to  prepare and distribute over-the-counter medication, hygiene kits, and backpacks to men, women, and children traveling through Phoenix have been extremely successful and rewarding. 


These families are often traveling for weeks when they present themselves at the port-of-entry and request asylum, in order to start the legal process of entering the United States.  After being vetted by DHS, they are often stripped of their personal belongings by the time they are released by ICE to local shelters.  We are the first friendly faces they encounter once they enter this great nation. We work with 8 different shelters, providing supplies, giving comfort, and restoring dignity to 500 vulnerable people a week.

Supporting these families and doing what we can to bring dignity and comfort to them during this exhaustive process is at the heart of our mission.  We also provide the shelters with over-the-counter medication stations to support their actions in aiding these asylum seekers. If you would like to get involved, we always welcome more Angels. 
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Donate over the counter supplies to people in need now!
You can click the link below to ship the supplies directly to us.

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