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Join Us On Our Mission to 
El Salvador 2024

Have you been looking for a life-changing adventure?  If so, this trip is for you!

As an organization we enter the homes of the most vulnerable communities; we experience their needs and efforts first-hand. We listen to their requests and we create real and effective solutions to improve their quality of life. On this seven day trip we will be spending five full days in these rural communities providing service and comfort to these beautiful people. After a full day of travel on Day one, and a restful night's sleep in our hotel, we will hit the ground running on the following days to visit as many people as we can.  Our evenings will be spent in celebration of our efforts with on-site chefs and delicious dining experiences in local restaurants.

Dates:  July 21st, 2024 to July 27th, 2024

Cost: $2,500.00 per person

We will be celebrating and caring for children

We visit rural communities and bring comfort toys, backpacks, and hygiene kits, as well as piñatas to celebrate the children.

We will be meeting with communities and their leaders

One Hundred Angels visits 1,200 people in rural communities during their trips. Our goal is to  listen to the needs of the community, identify cases where help is needed, provide immediate care where we can, and follow-up on  issues that we can contribute to resolving.

We will be visiting our water tank communities

One Hundred Angels has provided 150 water tanks to several local communities and we will be visiting them to see how these water collection tanks have improved their lives as well as installing grain silos.

Your all-inclusive $2,500 cost will include your airfare, hotel accommodations, all of your food (breakfast, luch, and dinner) and hydration provided by personal chefs, gifts that are being brought to the communities, as well as local travel while we are in El Salvador.  Additionally, we will accept payment through One Hundred Angels which will make your trip tax deductible as U.S. tax code provides.  All reservations will be made for you by One Hundred Angels and all you need to do is pack your bags and get ready to have the experience of a lifetime!

**Please note: If you are making a credit card payment through our website, the charge will be $2,575 dure to a 3% credit card transaction fee ($75). All fees for the trip are directly connected to the airfare, lodging, and food, so we are are unable to cover the credit card transaction fee. If you prefer to send One Hundred Angels a check for $2,500 you can send it to our office address:

El Salvador Trip-2.png

One Hundred Angels

23233 N. Pima Road  Suite 113-129

Scottsdale, AZ 85255

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"I had the good fortune to go to Berlín, El Salvador with 100 Angels. This was one of the most impactful and meaningful things I’ve ever been able to do, and I am delighted to be returning with the group this July. On last year’s trip, we brought toys and piñatas to children in very rural communities where the men make $2 a day, and the women are home with the children. It’s impossible to live on that, and this low wage drives many dads to migrate to the U.S., so these villages are mostly very impoverished moms and kids. 100 Angels also gifted many of these families water collection tanks, and we will be gifting more this summer, in addition to financing and helping build small grain silos for bulk food storage and bringing toys, sports, and medical equipment. Berlín is a beautiful, calm, and safe city, and El Salvador has some of the most lovely views I’ve seen in a lifetime of travelling, so this will be an enjoyable trip all the way around. Please consider accompanying us this July if you can; don’t worry if you speak Spanish or not, as enough of us do. If you can’t go, you can support us with a tax-deductible financial contribution if you like."


                    Donna L. Z. Carrier

                    Chandler Gilbert College

"Last year I took a five day trip to El Salvador with One Hundred Angels on a humanitarian mission. I was initially not sure about the trip as we all had heard stories about it being a dangerous place. To my surprise it ended up being one of the most heartening trips i had ever taken. Now, I come from a third world country myself so I know what poverty is. Yes, El Salvador is very poor (My heart broke on multiple occasions) but I came back amazed and with high hopes after

I met the people there. They were all genuine, loving, and wanting to do something good for their people. I met the most amazing people for whom I still have fond memories of. We visited various cantons, met the inhabitants, and their homes and, assessed their needs. We got to take toys for kids, played games and piñata with them, and even got treated by freshly made stuffed tortillas, directly from their clay ovens. They were all very generous in-spite of having so little.

I came back with very warm feelings for the people and cant wait to go back with the hope that we can do some fundraising and provide some basic necessities like a water drum to collect rain  water and steel silos for storing their grains."

                     Dr. Sakina Raza

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By clicking the button below you will be taken to our donation page.  You will choose the custom amount and input $2,575. We will call you to get all of the pertinent information to set up your travel arrangements. We can't wait to share this with you!
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